Elliptical Confinement

Elliptical Confinement1 300dpi

I am pleased to reveal my new work Elliptical Confinement. It is an interactive immersive painting that is built on a 3D object generated out of the data sets of mass incarceration in the United States over the past decade.

Capitalism has created the largest epidemic of mass incarceration in human history. We have monetized human confinement, just as we have criminalized human behavior. Until we can see the scale that this modern form of slavery has created it will remain invisible to us as a society

This piece is part of a 3 location group show Geometrix happening in Washington D.C. The work is on view in a gallery but is also available via the web to anyone in the world. It is increasingly important to me that my work be available to more than just a handful of collectors and the web is the perfect medium for that to occur.

Please share the work around and help me bring attention to the insane politics of incarceration that occur within the US and increasingly abroad as the result of the privatization of the prison industry.

Elliptical Confinement



GEOMETRIX: Line, Form, Subversion presented by Curator’s Office D.C.
3 Venues, 3 Months, 3 Opening Receptions
January 14 – April 16, 2016