Vernal Sacrifice

Over the past year I have been privately working on the concept of rural interventions with colour. Dealing with the natural space in the way I have been working with architecture over the past decade. Vernal Sacrifice is the first in a series of pieces I will be doing over the next year.

The paint is water base children’s tempera (poster) paint and is fully non toxic and environmentally safe. It will fade in just a matter of a couple of days in its environment without leaving a trace behind.

Vernal Sacrifice 3

Vernal Sacrifice 5

Vernal Sacrifice 2

Vernal Sacrifice 4

Vernal Sacrifice

Vernal Sacrifice 10

Vernal Sacrifice 9

Vernal Sacrifice 7

Vernal Sacrifice 6

Vernal Sacrifice 8

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Paint and its discontents 2014




Realized that as I never post here there is very little in the way of imagery. Here is a selection of recent paintings.


Fucking Love the Spring

You are inside my head

False Pretender

We know not the Deep

Mathematical Entreaties

Forget about the Weather

The Volatile Flesh

Death is Love played Backward


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