A conspiracy of truth.

In my daily existence I try not to be a conspiracy theorist. I find my political and religious outlook as skeptical but open. I don’t particularly need math to prove the validity of an event, especially if that event is a self experienced one.

But the older I get the more I realize there is a huge rift between what people think is happening in the world and what is really happening. This rift, this misunderstanding of data, is causing a very small body of people in the world to have control over almost everyone. Life and death hangs in the balance for 95% of western and 100% of third world countries.

The fact remains that the actions of governments, religious organizations, and corporations are those of self interest and that said self-interest is solely and unequivocally centered in financial gain and economic success.

The people of the world are being lied to every second of every day. The reality of the world is that it is much more like the Matrix or some other grand illusion illuminati conspiracy theory than anyone wants to admit. And that need for denial in order to live the average life is the strongest tool that self interest groups have in controlling our world.

Governments are not controlled by people (by people I mean the masses, the populace at large) but by tiny groups of self-interest seeking entities. Your rights have nothing to do with inalienability; they have to do with control. Every time you write down something you can do by ‘right’ you limit the range of actions that occur. Any law that gives freedoms really takes freedoms from us. By saying we have a right to a specific thing the law implies that beyond that specific thing we have no right of movement or action.

The US government invaded Viet Nam and Afghanistan in order to broaden and control the economic output of the heroin trade. Ideological syntax aside our military industrial complex is controlling everything about life in western culture. Self interest groups have fiercely controlled the media since the late 1960s. Any outlet of seeming expression is only a tool in the hands of someone looking for financial gain.

We are told that things occur that do not, or that have occurred for reasons far beyond what we see as obvious. Religion has become an excuse for parties of people to have control over the populace’s thoughts. Any group of organized religion simple tells its followers what to do. “You can do these things.” meaning “You can not do anything but these things.”

We the people go through our day staring blankly ahead. We look at the web, TV, news media and never question if and why something occurred. If we see pictures and read words about it we take it for granted that it happened. How can anything we know be true? Without firsthand experience (and even often with firsthand experience) how can anyone begin to know if anything we are being told about what is happening in the world is true?

The complex reality of the world today is one of obfuscation and deceit. Truth is an illusion covered in the financial power of those who write the script of reality in the 21st century. Those who write this script are not some occult cabal, some lost race of elders. The Illuminati are really the bankers, politicians and priests/rabbis. Anyone who tells you what you can and cannot do.

But in the end we acquiesce to the conditions we are given. We keep our head down and know that it s not real, but that there is “nothing we can do about it.” At the end of the day it is we that are the ‘Illuminati’, we control the world by giving up control to those who would take it, by refusing to see the wiring under the board, by letting others pull the strings we dance – the puppets at the end of the world.