Trying to swim

So having not gotten the call from the MacArthur foundation this week I am pursuing other avenues of stability. I started writing a blog on Copyright in the 21st century yesterday but after 3000 words decided to hold off on publishing it. Its not finished but I may return to it sooner or later.

In the meantime I posted a video for the new Thom Yorke single The Hollow Earth on youtube, you can check it out below. I used tons of shots of Banksy pieces as the pseudo subliminal content. They make a nice pair Thom and Banksy.

The mainstay of my recent thoughts have been the logical conclusion to the events of the past year. As winter approaches I find myself sleeping in longer and spending more time thinking about what it is I do exactly. I think the main problem is that there is no “exactly” in anything I do. I do too many things to be any one thing. Living in London has been amazing for the insight it has given me. I pay way more attention to American politics than I ever did living in the states, particularly because of how the American political spectrum affects the rest of the world.

I have also been going out at night to paint much more here than elsewhere, mostly due to my lack of a studio. The only downside to painting in the streets is the lack of music. Have to keep an ear to potential passers by so that negates headphones.

Sometimes I feel as if I am in a vast river, completely beyond the ability to control my own motion I struggle to stay near the top of the water. I fear drowning, the sound of the water around me is a massive wall of noise – voices, traffic, other peoples music, screaming, barking, madness induced construction noises pounding in my head. A subliminal backwash like the tide of the moon pulling me under these torrential waters. The only problem is that I do not know how to swim.


This is the video. Go buy the LP on – the world needs more vinyl and supporting Thom is always a good thing.


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