Equinox Festival

I have started a festival of “spiritual self discovery” and the occult to take place in London, June of 2009. A three day long multi media festival centering on themes of transcendentalism and conscious expansion from both historic and contemporary perspectives.

The festival will feature lectures and presentations from leading academic authorities, evening cultural ritual performances (Haitian Vodoun, Indian trance, Sufi Dervishes) and late night music and video performances.

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Everyone should come.

All the world’s a stage

Its 5:21am in the morning in London. I have just watched Barack Obama give his acceptance speech as the president elect for the US. His words are strong, his speech clear and uncomplicated.

But something still lingers in me that wont allow me to go to bed. It is something I have been watching all night tonight. Long after I put my daughter to sleep I watched the web polls and the maps grow and change in color. I watched the little pops ups that tell me how much of each state’s vote is counted and when the Electoral College votes final go one way or the other.

And this is what bothers me. Not the outcome, of which I am very satisfied. What bothers me that I am still sitting here, moments after the acceptance speech, waiting to find out the results of the state of Indiana. Because although the vote in that state is tight, separated by a few tens of thousands of voters, the electoral votes have not yet been cast.

But what confuses me is not that the state of Indiana has been counting votes and is currently at the 97% mark. What confuses me and makes me wonder about the whole thing is that the minute that the voting booths closed in California, Oregon and Washington, their votes not possibly counted yet, their electoral votes had immediately been cast for Obama.

How is this? How is it that the Electoral College can vote without even 60 seconds to count the votes that have been made by the people they represent. And then I think about the lobbying that was done, the deals that have been made to sway the electoral voters. What has been promised these states electoral colleges in order that they will cast there votes the second they are able, not waiting to hear from the people they supposedly represent?

As I watched Obama speak, listening to his words I couldn’t help but think that I was watching a movie. A film that is being edited by someone, written by another. His words were not his but those of a speech writer. They were good words, no doubt. But he was not coming out to speak of his own accord. He was speaking prepared material.

Politicians are merely actors on the worlds stage. Barack Obama is an incredible actor. Not to say he does not mean the things he says, I hope that his words, even if not written by him, reflect the true values and desires of his soul. But in the end everything we are seeing is scripted. It is all being fed to us, like children at the Sunday matinee.

In order for the people of the world to be free we must understand the nature of the game that is being played around us. We must see the variables as they unfold. We cannot be deceived into believing even this most precious of dreams. For the world is much more complex than anything we can imagine. Those who rule, who make the decisions that decide everything that happens today, tomorrow and the next day, do not live in the world we know. They live beyond this world.

Only when we can see the wiring under the board, when we fear not to take apart the things we do and examine how they work, when we risk putting a wrench in the works of existence, will we be free. We must become the architects of our own future, and not place our hope in the hands of any other. We must step forth into the future with eyes unclouded, and see the truth in all is horror and all its beauty.

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