America the brave

I wander aimlessly through Chicago streets, the hot October sky clear and blue, the random cheer of cubs fans oblivious to the fact that they will soon be let down again by the sports team they worship. I see America, lingering in the grips of fear, racism, and frustration. The beaconing poverty like a car crash in slow motion we can not stop. In so many ways we are reliving the 1970s, fat on the corpses of our enemies, a list of our dead youth killed in a senseless war grows, and yet we worry not about the actions of our government as we have become so callous to a government we are disenfranchised from, as if simply to say it is not our fault will make it true. I smell the vitriolic decay of rancid flesh burning the eyes and eating the skin of our decency. The moral high ground we take a facade of guilt and lust. Of anger and envy at the world we choose to ignore. I heard on the radio yesterday an announcer proclaiming that even though America was taking a shit on the world stage he would rather live in America than anyplace else. I thought to myself ?its because this is the only place he has ever been.? We have chosen to regard ourselves at a distance from the events of the world. Events that unfold because of our actions, events that would not have occurred if we had not taken and consumed the worlds cultures in order to digest the very essence of greed. We have become the mindless consumers they have tried to make us, and now they are we. We are one. Somehow I doubt that a change of office will mean anything new. Even if the incoming president has our real best interests at heart he will have to clean up a ridiculous mess made by the children who ruled the world before him. The cost of this cleanup alone will ensure that if he makes it to a second term it will be barely and with the disgust of the public. In the end, we American?s are being forced to eat the shit we have created. We have fouled the world and thus we must do what we have been taught to do, consume. But instead of feasting on the flesh of others we will now suffer with our own waste as our only nutrient. As the American empire falls so too does an eon of human existence. America’s death will not stop others from acting as we have, but in the history of the world we will be held up as a great and powerful mistake. A modern Atlantis that went from dust to empire to ruin on a wave of lust, desire and want.


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