Fuck you, Hirst

Today I read on the BBC that Damien Hirst has skipped the gallery process in a “more democratic” approach to art by selling everything at auction directly to collectors. Not even considering viewers who do not have millions of £/$ to own a piece of his art.

Hirst has basically sent a big FUCK YOU to anyone who wants to look at art and appreciate it, instead pandering to the private collectors who horde the worlds art in their estates. This blatant display of greed and disregard for the public’s art appreciation is exactly what is wrong with the art world today.

I like Hirst’s work, have since I was a young. It appeals to the juvenile angst that most of us feel in our teens and that we suppress even as adults. If this was Jeff Koon’s I would laugh, as I expect as much from him.

In a recent interview I ended the conversation with this bit of text when asked if I had any “cryptic messages” to send to the readers:

“We are approaching the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the Dadaist movement. From its inception dada attempted to deconstruct the established artworld and to force an evolutionary model on that art world. It gave birth to 20th century art in all of it forms and informs the entire process of creating art today because dada itself was appropriated as the language of the art world.

We live with an art world model that is based simply on the glorification, if not deification, of objects and there creators for commercial reasons. By making someone famous we make their objects worth more, thus they become collectable commercially and an investment to those who ‘collect’ art, be they institutions like the Tate and MOMA or collectors like Saatchi.

This model is a dead end. The experience of art is an important commodity, not the art itself. Being able to interact with, see/touch/feel a piece of art is far more important than ownership of the object. But those that own the object control access to art, charge admission, etc.

We need to create a new artworld model, something that deconstructs the established commerciality of art in exchange for the ability for anyone to experience the art itself firsthand. As the world has evolved around the exchange of information so must art evolve to become a cross platform experience, not just object deification. Artists must stop making things and start making experiences. Only then will art truly become free.”

Reading the story of the auction and the quote from “art expert” Charles Dupplin stating “It’s another landmark and an astounding day for the art market in a year that has seen many long-standing records demolished, despite the gloomy world economy.” Makes me want to burn down all of the museums that charge admission and attack private art collectors on the streets.

It has gone too far. Art is not a commodity. What they sell and trade is not art, it is financial masturbation among the rich. It is cultural objectification and the galleries and institutions that support this kind of idiotic “art market” should be stopped. Burn down the museums, shoot the collectors. Put an end to this art world and with its ashes make something new, something brilliant, powerful and free.


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