I think some people smoke tobacco because they KNOW it is killing them. Its not possible for an intelligent adult to be smoking cigarettes without knowing that it is pointless, expensive and very bad for you. So the obvious conclusion is that many adults smoke because they want to die.

Smoking is the only legal way in which to kill yourself in America. They who decide that some drugs are bad and others only-to-be-used-as-directed, they who make suicide a crime, have made cigarettes legal and continue to tax them fully. Is it population control?

It is possible that the anti smoking ads all feed into the average smokers actual desire to be dead? (or to at least inflict self caused pain?) Are the anti tobacco ad campaigns really provoking a mass need for self inflicted pain? By seeing that ‘bad’ people smoke, and that smoking causes them pain and death, maybe society is empathetic and believes themselves to be ‘bad’ and thus in need of dying.

Under natural law certain formulas exist to counter act population over growth and genetic blandness. Disease, famine, harsh weather climates all control the population of a species. Maybe there are other, more built into the genetic code, variables that shape and control the evolution of our species.

Are we killing ourselves to protect the future evolution of our race? That those who smoke will die so that others may live?

Either way the shit still stinks like an asshole.


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