So I am halfway through my stay in Chicago this year. In 3 weeks I will be returning to London to work there for the winter. My time here has been relatively productive, lots of new projects afoot.

Today I got in the mail the unmastered new album by Kinit Her, one of the most spectacularly strange bands I have every heard. Totally amazing stuf I can’t wait to work with.

All in all I am constantly facing the struggle to remain on top of my work. Being creative is easy, doing creative things and still paying the bills is not so easy. It’s a mountain to climb to figure out how to live life creatively without financial support.

This existence, living across a huge geographic area, painting in Chicago, living in London, all has given me a wider sense of perspective on life. I see much more clearly how limited each culture is in its scope. The few people I have meet in my travels who really have some idea about life are those that have lived in many places.

Today my friend told me that humans have inherited our ability to process animal milk from nomadic tribes who raided the early agricultural civilizations. They had developed a survival trait that allowed them to be portable, taking their animals with them as a fresh food source. (I know, I have strange conversations with people).

What comes clear to me is not that any cultural model is correct. All cultures have problems and benefits. But each one is suited for a specific mode of living. American culture is great if you are the basic consumer. If you work, buy, sleep, and dig passive entertainment then America is a dream come true. If you would rather make things than money, explore imagination and dreams, live creatively and learn to know more about the world then America isnt your best choice for living. I am not sure where is the best place for being an artist. But I will keep on looking.


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