myspaces sucks

I was about to reply to myspace and instead thought I would write it all here as writing to myspace is just pointless. Over the past year I have found myself managing about 12 myspace pages. Most of them bands I am in or involved with in some way but a couple are directly my own. In this time I have come into all kinds of strange errors in code, problems with very specific issues with the site and have tried to do the obvious thing and report the problem to myspace in the hope of having it sorted out by their staff.

Instead I get the most ridiculous responses, most of the time it is as if they dont even read what I am writing to them and just give the most canned response to the issues.

For instance. About two weeks ago a page I was working on would not let me register its user URL (the pages address) every time I tried it either gave me an error or in two instances crashed my browser. I wrote to myspace help and they responded that this was a “known error” and to please be patient. After a day or so I tried again and still the same issues. I wrote to them again and they wrote back instructions on how to setup a myspace account. I replied that I knew how and had an account and again outlined the problem, even offering suggestions as to what might be causing the problem (in programmer speak) and they responded with instructions on how to navigate the page in order to register the URL (as if I wasnt already doing that). I wrote back asking if they even read my problems or just forward on blanket statements instead of attempting to help and they never got back to me.

Today I noticed that my profile views have a tendency to go down, sometimes as much as ten units at a time and then go back up later. I asked them to explain the process of how the profile views were actually calculated and instead the gave me some ridiculous blanket statement about internal problems being currently fixed without addressing my concerns at all. Namely that profile view numbers are totally bogus and can be whatever they say they are.

This all leads me to the conclusion that the programmers supposedly working on myspace are out to lunch or smoking reefer instead of doing their jobs. What the hell are they thinking?

Not to say that myspace isnt a helpful forum for getting the word out about music, etc but you would think that they could employ a few reasonably helpful people able to answer questions and not just copy and paste text from a group of prewritten responses.

[of course now I am trying to actually post this blog but Myspace keeps giving me a error page instead.] Sorry! An unexpected error has occurred, This error has been forwarded to a bunch of idiots who get paid a lot of money to sit on their asses and do nothing about it.

Guess I will try again in the morning.


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