Returning to London

So once more I cross the water and return to my home in London. Having spent the last 6 weeks in Chicago makes me miss London all the more.

As I sit in the airport writing this I wonder about the next couple of months, about my state in the world and how things have changed so much in the past year. I took Isobel to school this morning and gave her a kiss goodbye, knowing I will miss her terribly while I am gone.

So much has gone through my mind in these past weeks. My birthday, my grandmothers death, traveling, film making, music, all have washed over me in a cascade of emotions and experience. I have been rethinking my work, even as I have returned to painting this last month. Producing over a dozen works in just a handful of weeks.

I feel like all of my various endeavors are finally coming together. The films and paintings, words, images and sounds are all coalescing into something defined and whole. A thing greater than the sum of its parts. But its shape still eludes me, a shadow just around the next corner. Perhaps that corner is waiting for me in London.


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