birthdays and airplanes

So its been a week since my birthday and I have had time to digest two events that happened on my last days in NYC.

First was my birthday day. Randy and I got some breakfast and then he headed to the airport to fly back west. I figured I would lay low and write and enjoy the day but knew I was going to stop by Pete Nolan’s to drop off a dvd of the Magik Markers film.

Pete invited me out to a party at what I believe was the No Neck Blues Band loft in Harlem. We headed out and then Pete said, “do you know about the Source Family?” Vaguely I remember some commune, guys in white beards, psych rock. I said “yeah,” well its turns out the party we were headed to was by and for them. An evening of insanely good music, great vegetarian food and beautiful people in a way that seems out of place in New York but all the more alluring just the same.

All Praise Father Yod =

Then the next day I was sitting peacefully at the airport, having arrived on time and without hassle when I hear the words “grounded” and my flight number over the intercom. But it would take me almost 30 minutes of standing in line and hearing gossip from stewardesses that the airline had grounded all of the type of plane I was on and that meant 300 jets would not fly starting right then. American Airlines dumped thousands of people at the last second knowing full well for weeks that they were going to have to comply with the FAA. After an hour I got a transfer flight from American on a 8 pm United that left at 11. Got into Chicago at 2am.

I did get to sit next to and meet Kid Sister (, up and coming hiphop artist and recent MTV Spring break host. Look for her new show on MTV this fall and her video all over starting yesterday. She rules, I have never seen someone put away People Magazine and get out the Economist so effortlessly.


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