day of birth

Why is it that when we are familiar with a place it gives us more comfort? What is it about knowing that creates a sense of personal connection between place and person?

The vague grey days of New York linger around me, Randy Lee has just departed for the west again, having flown in to help me shoot the Wolfeyes shows. Today I am 34, and unlike most who count the beginning of their year with the calendar of Gregory I count the beginning of my year with today, my day of birth.

So today I start the year that lays before me, the winter still clinging to the earth like the barren hand of some lost love. Its heart drawing blood in its inability to let go. But soon spring will be full throttle and color and light will rule the world.

I see a lot of actions before me this year, a real change of place and person of work and growth that will come into bloom like the spring I am in. The path is a bit daunting sometimes but in the least I am hopeful.


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