modern death

I am not afraid of death, not just applying to myself, but to anyones death. Life is, that is how it works and when it stops working you are dead. Everybody dies. Not that I have some disregard for my own safety, just that when the time comes it comes.

What I fear is pain, or that stateless existence that should be full of pain but you are so drugged out of your mind that you dont care. The slow modern way to die. Surrounded by bright lights and people with opinions and crying people all full of remorse because they have no idea what is beyond death.

Years ago we would die at home, with our family. If we had any money at all it would mean a single other person would come to our beside briefly before then very end. Be he priest, doctor, or shaman. But any kind of slow death was a private thing, full of pain but never lingering very long really.

Modern death takes its time. We continually probe and destroy anything in our bodies we think of as bad. Anything that causes death in the body is bad. This is as ridiculous as thinking that death is bad. Death is, there is nothing you can do and it does not judge, everybody dies eventually.

The ancient Viking peoples believed that one who died in battle would go on to Valhalla – a palace of warrior kings. But maybe the reward of dying on the battle field is that death is often over very quickly.


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