Where to begin?

After a night of transcendental light at the Horse Hospital in London I gathered myself and headed off to Rome. Wandering these ancient streets was perfectly what I needed after the journey in the darkness of Crowleys Rites.

Italian culture is so settled into what it is, a perfect blend of old and new, youth spraying graffiti on the ancient temples of the past. Everything is sacred, nothing is sacred.

I strolled through the temples of ruined past, visited the center of christian faith and even made it to the Disneyish home of the Pope. I found much more spiritual places in Rome than the Vatican. (particularly the Santa Maria Maggiore) Stood on the hill or Emperors and slept in the shadows of ruins.

The AMM performance that had brought me to Rome in the first place happened my first night and was astounding. Eddie Prevost and John Tilbury are a sight to see. Following the show I went to dinner with them and some Italians involved in the show. Great conversation and lots of wine.

After that the city was just one long walk. Right next to my hotel was one of the oldest and best Gelato places in Rome. Breakfast of cappuccino and gelato for three days is so nice.

There is something in the sky of Rome, a color that is unlike anyplace I have ever been. A bright blue azure dome that is more like a painting made of light than anything I have ever seen. I think this sky defines what Rome is, a place apart from the world. A doorway into which we may pass and visit but in which nothing is impossible.

The last day I spent lounging on the lawn of the Villa Borghese, an enormous park once frequented by Byron and Shelly. The perfect end to the trip and then a bleak ride home and back to the modern world of London.

Like a dream, a holiday I have needed my entire life.


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