desert sand

A night time of dissonance sleeps like a child
a memory slipping over the edge of comforts bed
I wake on the floor of tomorrow, a sandal for a pillow
my mouth full of dreamtime?s desert sand.

When we reach the sky like birds wings
our travels often fail to comprehend
and returning once more to the place we lost is nothing
like being young again

I am forgotten even in my own dreams
but in forgetting I am free
a leaf the wind has captured, a hostage to its change
a bird feather from the softness of youths belly
traveling distinctly out
and beyond the realm of knowing

Time shifts and here I am again
I wonder what becomes of all of the memories I have lost
how are we in these days different than we were before?

Am I as this leaf blown through time by a wind I can not understand
or do we make this wind by the fact of being?

I want and desire takes me, I starve and my hunger defines me
I am nothing but still there is something to seek in this nothingness.

When death comes I will have fallen from the tree of life
I will have returned to the pool of knowledge that has begotten all of all.

The sidewalk hurts my feet as I come home
the blistered surfaces of my toes are enamored by the long hard surface of reason.
My bleeding soles echo the blood pouring from my soul

Ancient rhythms beat in me like my heart and my breath
I seek the stars but fog envelops me
a dizzy aftermath of something I can not know
when I am free all will be silent
when I am flying I will take wing no more

how why what am I

The sun has taken from me more things than any man can know
the sun has dried my thirst into a point of light so bright that by comparison it is itself mere darkness.
The sun has become a shadow of the thing it has made of me
still the desert is nothing
still the sound is something
I am and that is all


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