reality versus truth

I spent the day in the village of Matching Tye, visiting with British improviser Eddie Prevost. A little town of 200 like something out of a Thomas Crofton Crooker story.

But my thoughts were of something else, something much larger than the reality of this little town. I was thinking about the difference between the world we are told we live in and the world that really exists. About the difference between the state of actual life for the average person on Earth and the recorded document that is media’s perception of life in modern society.

Wars happen, economic influences fluctuate daily, lives come on and go out over and over. But there is something going on here that we are lead to ignore. Something that our commercials and our programs, our newspapers and our horoscopes would like us to not even perceive. It’s the lie we tell ourselves before we go to bed. As we drive home from work and we sit at our desk jobs staring blankly at the screen. Wondering if reading peoples lives on myspace will make ours somehow better. Or more likely, forgetting ourselves as we live through others.

This lie that we tell ourselves is merely “everything will be ok, everything is all right”

Our leaders roundly betray us and have for centuries. Many men have seen this and tried to create systems that would protect us from our own greed, but in the process we have created a kind of super human greed, the greed of corporations. The modern corporation functions like and artificial intelligence. It has needs and wants that go far beyond those of its human limbs. It consumes, and it teaches us to consume that we may digest its waste.

Yet we stare blankly into the screen. Who are we? We ask and these corporations we have created are here to tell us who we are. Between the sophisticated marketing tools that utilize psychological abstractions to make us want, to the governments covering up everything it does from the public, from politician to priest we live in a world that attempts to radically change the way we see ourselves and the environment in which we live. To paint existence as brilliant against the rule of tyrannical actions and blatant lies. But we eat up this lie, we love it and hold it and worship it. It is our breakfast and our tea. The air we pollute is cleansed by this lie. It is the shroud that separates us from the real, protects us from the harsh climate of reality like an umbrella in the rain.


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