Malmo (and time)

I sit here waiting to go to the train to Copenhagen from Malmo Sweden, where I have been for the past few days at a film festival showing my work. The first night I was here I felt like it was pointless and that I should have stayed in London. But after getting out and meeting some filmmakers I realized that this is what I am supposed to be doing. Wandering about in the world of film.

Malmo is a strange and changing place. Once an industrial port it is now becoming a thriving cultural center. Many young artists from Copenhagen (which is 20 minutes away by train) live here as it is much less expensive. There is also a growing Arabic population here, one of the largest in the northern EU. Good clubs, theaters, and galleries make this town a future point of artistic reference in EU culture.

As time moves slowly around me I feel the center of my being settling here in the EU. Slowly the shifting tides move my soul, a blessing to be away from television culture and consumer entertainment. The only thing I miss these days is my daughter, but soon she will be here with me and I will have everything I need. Until then it is just work and making things and being.


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