dollar signs

As I prepare once more to cross the water I find myself scurrying to complete every task I have set myself. A professional procrastinator I work best under these tight deadlines. Knowing I have to get it done or else. And somehow as I approach the time to go I find myself with less and less to do, every note crossed off my list, every appointment met.

But I have been thinking a lot about life in America and how long it can go on this way. It would seem that most people do not even notice what is going on. To them a dollar is still a dollar. I actually got into a conversation with someone the other night who said that there was nothing wrong with the US, its economy or its policies.

I had to get up and leave. Its not that I am offended by someone who does not see that the US is doing bad things to the world, its just that if one is a conservative/republican then they should see the dollar signs and the state of the economy. When did republicans go from being business people to religious idiots who believe whatever the TV tells them is true? What happened to the GOP that supported our economic state? The Republican party is still for corporations, yet somehow it has become this smoke and mirrors act using moral ideals to pry the last dollars from the hands of its ridiculous supporters.

I never thought I would miss Reagan, but at least you knew where you stood with that GOP.

Over the past five years the dollar has slipped in value to below that of the Canadian dollar. As our currency’s trade value is weakening our stand in the world (power, not popularity – which has always sucked) is falling. Remember what happened to Russia? They still have nuclear weapons but without money they are not a super power.

We are living in the dying days of the American Empire. I feel like Josephus watching the decline of the Roman Empire. How can the people of the United States be so blind as to not see that what is happening is the ruin of the US?

As I have told people over the holidays that I am preparing to move to the EU everyone asks why? What is so good about the EU that you want to leave here? My answer is “Really? You don?t know?” Maybe if they educated people in schools in the US then they would understand why it is so fucked up here. But by keeping America uninformed and addicted to reality TV the political infrastructure can continue to ply its wares through deception and greed. Bringing the end to a way of life that everyone takes for granted.

A bit of a history lesson is here: empires all fall. Time brings a close to every global power. Rome, China, Portugal, Britain, Spain – all were once as big as you can imagine. Maybe China will have a go next at ruling the world.

I hope they have dental.


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