So once again I will cross over the big pool of water and stay for awhile in Europe. This time out I will be mostly in the UK, but making short journeys to Malmo, Sweden for a screening of Chronicle and to Rome to film a live concert of AMM in action.

I have been thinking about the idea of where we live, about the concept of staying in one place versus moving on continually in search of something we need. I have projected now for months that I am moving to Europe this year, London being the first stop on an eventual move to someplace warm and south, like Lisbon or Seville. A place to settle in the long run.

But really what has come to me is that I am not so much moving to someplace else as stopping living in one place at all. I am being unbound in my habitat, free to roam, to fly.

I remember reading an article in Wired where Brian Eno talks about getting up one morning and saying to himself “I think I should move to St. Petersburg, Russia” and then he did just that for a year to explore its culture. I was probably 20 at the time and thought to myself that it would be amazing to be able to wake up one morning and move to anyplace that one liked simply to go there. But anyone can do this at anytime for a months rent worth of money. You just have to get up and go do it.

Why has society settled for its current stagnation instead of returning to its nomadic roots? How have cities evolved to allow us to become free of this specification on a particular place of residence? As travel has become more commonplace and inexpensive why have we not continually moved, shifting our focus from culture to culture, exploring cities and developing tastes for things we have never imagined existed? The world is there all around you, why not taste its treasures?

I think the primary reason is ownership of property. I am not talking about real estate but the stuff we keep in and on our real estate. The bullshit of modern living. But technology is making most of our property go in our pocket. No more records or books to haul from apartment to apartment. We take everything with us everyday anyway. Our laptop is our TV, our stereo (in conjunction with our Ipods), everything becomes portable. We are becoming free from place. Free to explore space on this earth.

And so I will stop being tied to one place. I will have my studio in Chicago for summers and visits, a place to rebound to for isolation and work. But I will travel as part of my daily habit. No longer living in a place, but moving on to a state of modern nomad.


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