new year

What a lot of change is happening all around me. This new year brings a new chapter in my life. My previous journeys have left me with the knowledge that my path lay out in the world, not hiding in some studio in Chicago.

So the new year will bring me much travel, a new city of residence, and a level of creative inspiration that I have not know in many years.

In our lives we are often faced with the difficulty of making a decision that will not only affect us, but all of the people around us. We must consider every action, every desire, and its affect on the shape of who we are.

Every year I hear friends talk about resolutions for the coming year. About these vague promises to themselves to change this or that. To renew their faith in some thing, or more often to stop some ridiculous habit. But do we need to pass a certain day on the colander to think positively? Must we promise to ourselves that we will change only for the first week of every year, then slump back into laziness in terms of self evolution?

Even if the new year had not just passed all of the things preceding this date would have occurred (my travels, work, etc). I would still be planning on moving out of Chicago, on taking my daughter to live in Europe, on building a better life for myself and creating work outside of the confinement of American living.

But a new year is in fact here – 3 days in and I can feel the surge of change around me. The phone calls and emails that interrupt the flow of the day to announce new and amazing happenings. Opportunities knocking at every door.

I ran into a friend the other day and asked what he had been up to, he replied “Not much”. I said, didn’t you go to Australia with your mom and brother recently? He said, “yeah – I went sky diving while I was there.” He went on to say that it was only scary for the first few seconds.

I am about to jump. The first few seconds might be scary but the free fall will undoubtedly be amazing.


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