Journey (going home)

I sit in the airport that brought me to Europe, Copenhagen-Kastrup. I have two hours until my flight and time for some last reflections on this place.

The people I have meet in my journey here have been amazing. So many beautiful and wonderful souls that actually engage the mind. Complicated relationships that develop out of conversations, ideas that become emotions and emotions that become art.

I knew when I left to come to this place that my life was changing. I knew that I was facing something new, something unknown to me. I had no idea of how much I would change in my time here. Things (problems, issues, tangents) that seemed so important to me now seem so small. I realize that any obstacle I have is really created by me. I am the only thing in the way of getting what I want.

In 32 days I have been to these places

Copenhagen DK
Berlin DE
Paris FR
Nantes FR
Brest FR
Vienna AU (layover)
London UK
Zagreb CR
Katovice PL (layover)
Wroclaw PL
Warsaw PL
Lodz PL
Krakow PL
Zilina SL

Twelve cities in a month. With two of these places being stays of four days.

Nothing in my imagination could have prepared me for what I was to encounter. So many instances occurred that I can never write here or anywhere. So many moments of sweetness, beauty and awe. It would fill books to tell all of the wonderful things I have done in this month. To even begin to discuss the ideas that I have had, the moments I have shared, the people I have meet.

Yet something stands out in this time. An idea perhaps, an emotional sigil that brings itself into focus only after so many cities, so much good food and wine, so many people.

It is that we are who we are simply because we believe we are that person. We project what we think we are, “who” is just an illusion. You are only your belief in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself then you can never achieve anything.

It is not always easy to believe in oneself. Our actions and the actions of others often attempt to dictate how we see ourselves. A constant attempt to understand how others see us, yet in vain.

My life is changing. I have awoken to something new and now I must go out into a fresh world and make my ideas into realities. Everyday is a new beginning. I awoke this morning and looked on the beauty of my life in awe. Everyday is as perfect as we make it. Everyday is worth living to its fullest. Today is the day that I change the world, and so is every other day of my life.


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