Journey (performance)

Last night was the first performance on this journey of light, distance and exploration.

By ten minutes to opening the show was sold out – about 250 people. The film was first screened, then after a short break we hit the stage for 40 minutes of improvised light and sound. It was very relaxed and the added bonus was that the video technician brought along a 1980 Fairlight video synth, something astoundingly cool to perform on. It really added another set of layers to the visual flow of the show.

As the film was showing I noticed the typical trickle of people leaving, but then they always returned, presumably they had just gone to smoke. But when several older jazz fans walked out in a huff (maybe they were not jazz fans but Opera patrons) the press in attendance saw this as “controversial” – which I find highly amusing. What controversy is there in personal taste?

But today?s email inbox tells me that we were well received, dozens of letters from people who saw the show and were really into what we had done. Which is good. In the US this kind of performance of such an experimental nature would not get the attention it gets here. Somehow Europeans are just so much more into the idea of being challenged.

One of the things I notice is that no one here talks about television shows. No discussions about how funny something was last night on TV, or the developments of characters on some HBO soap opera with violence. Maybe no one watches TV here. That would be an amazing thing, no more TV.

All in all this culture never ceases to amaze me.


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