Journey (London)

After leaving Brest and a long day of confused travel (France is on strike so many trains do not move) I finally found myself in London. London has long been an oasis for me in my travels. Every time I come here I feel at home, even though I do not think I could actually live here. There is something particularly comforting to me about the mannerisms of the British people. The way they speak, act and drink. The shape of life here is something I know and I feel better when I am on British soil.

Tomorrow I return to the tour, meeting the group in Zagreb. I missed my annual Thanksgiving dinner, but it is probably for the best considering the circumstances of my family life. In 2 weeks I will return to Chicago to sort out the madness of my life there. What will happen then I do not know.

This peace I have had here in London has been a much needed break from my thoughts. Although I have had time for reflection I have been able to consider the within much more than the without. Today I will spend the day in the Greenwich markets, absorbing the last of my stay before my morning departure. Tonight is a full moon, the wolf in me howls silently. Its echo travels across the sea in the hopes of finding an ear that listens.


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