When we think of who we are as individuals we almost never consider the decisions we make everyday about how we present who we are to the world around us. How often does one consider their values, beliefs and morals in the context of our daily lives? We get through and do what we do by simply moving through our days according to our reactions from our environment. But when was the last time you consider who you are, what you do everyday and who other people think you are as a person in their environment?

Soon I will leave Chicago and embark on a month long tour of Europe. As soon as I get off the plane I will be deciding how I present myself to the world. I could potentially reinvent myself on the spot for each city I am in, releasing only the personal information about who I am and acting like I am a specific kind of person to each group of people I meet. Never being the same person to each city I visit and group of people I interact with.

The regularity of the average persons day creates a reinforcement of our sense of “I” conditioning our pattern of behavior to a single set of individual traits. Unfortunately this is not really how people work. Our mood (based on complex chemical processes) changes drastically with each new environment we encounter and the only thing that dictates our specific sense of self identity is routine.

Hopefully the next month will allow me to re invest my thinking of who I am in order to allow me to explore what makes my own sense of identity whole.


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