Sometimes it is the little things that hurt the most. The tiny infractions into our lives that take their toll on us in minute detail. They wear at us constantly until one tiny thing finally breaks us and we remain broken.

Why is it that the shape of our lives is so confused and disorganized? Or maybe that?s just my life? Somehow I doubt it.

Last night I was privileged to film the Magik Markers perform in Chicago at Schubas. Absolutely incredible in every way. I can?t believe how good it actually was. Spires that in the Sunset Rise opened and I filmed them as well. a night I will always remember (not just because I have it on tape from 5 cameras).

As much as I plan I never know where I am going. Where ever I go I want to be someplace else. I am not running away so much as wandering toward. But toward what?


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