the critique of the self

I am often called an asshole. Sometimes directly too me but more often in reference to me as a person. I am sure I am called other things as well but asshole seems to come up a lot.

What is wrong with the world that it can not stand direct criticism in any way? I am not insulting, I never call names or even care about people’s physical appearance (though I do compliment things people wear or hairstyles, if I like them). But I have an opinion (about almost everything) that somehow really pisses almost everyone off.

I feel like people really don’t want anyone to question who they are or what they think. That there is a resistive nature to how we identify ourselves against the world around us and if our self programmed reality paradigm is brought under the microscope of questioning it freaks many, many of us out.

Is our sense of self so fragile that it can not take a poke or two? We identify with our surroundings based on certain predisposed variables that make up our personality traits. When the underlining structure of those traits (anger, self-envy, lack of self-respect, love, lust, whatever) is questioned it makes us uncomfortable to think about.

Why is that? Why are we so defensive about who we are? Why is individuality worth fighting for? There has to be something about the survival mechanism that makes individuality a priority and makes thinking about your algorithmic makeup an alienating experience.

I just wish I didn’t piss off everyone all of the time.


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