thunder gods

As I watch a storm move over Chicago, outside my windows and on my screen via the Wunderground radar feed, I feel the earth around me responding to the storms energy. Even in the complex array that is the urban landscape I am aware of this sonic/electro/magnetic force that moves over the city in waves of rain, lightning, and thunder. The forces pushing across the surface of the world as they do everyday make me wonder if the earth itself is not a being, a life-form whose weather is in every way paralleled in the electrical activity of our brain.

In all of the religions of the ancient world there is a god of thunder and storms. Thor, Donar, has ruled the sky and struck fear and wonder into the minds of ancient men. As much as the sun or death itself the storm is a force that must be reckoned with even in our overly modern world. To give it sacrifice and do its icon honor is something that was instilled in all men of the past and only now is slipping away from us, reduced to the highlights of the weather channel.

But as I sit and hear the rumble of the storm move away, out over the lake, I know that a god has just passed through the sky (or that earth has just had a thought) and I fell stronger for it.


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