sex as a weapon

Why is it that so often sex gets used as a weapon? Revenge sex, sex to create jealously, or just plain old “give me what I want” for sex. It seems strange that so many of us will resort to creating conflict through sexual interaction to get back at or draw the attention of others.

“He cheated on me so I cheated on him so then he cheated on me.” Somehow sex gets used as a barrier to communication. Instead of just talking about what is bother us we go out and have sex (as a diversion from our emotional state) and create an even more complex problem than we started with.

How has sex become so fucked up in our society? Beyond the moral/religious/health reasons the sexual interaction of people in the world today is shrouded in misery.

Even the dialog of terms associated with sex is violent. Thrust, hard, force, take, pound – these words have meanings that go beyond the sexual implication of their actions.

I understand that the animal nature of sexual interaction is constantly verging on the violent (ever seen two cats go at it?), but as modern people does that mean that our best weapon in navigating social and emotional relationships is the controlled use of sex?


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