love unreturned

Not too long ago a friend of mine was told by her husband that he did not love her and did not think he could love her (or anyone). She seemed astounded by the fact that she loved him so much and could not understand how he did not return her love.

At the moment I am going through much the same situation. I am very much in love with someone who does not love me. She says she “cares” for me but is not in love with me. (this is someone I have been married to for 7 years)

How is it possible to love someone so much and not have that love be a two way street? Isn’t love something that is shared? How can we care for someone who dislikes us, doesn’t want to be around us, and continually hurts us?

Love is too small a word. Too many ideas seemed to be crammed into those 4 letters. When we say we love, what do we really mean? I long for my wife every moment she is away. I am attracted to others, but even in that attraction I think of my wife and how much I love her and am attracted to her. I can not imagine life without her by my side, but she is so casual in her need to be “single” and “done” with our relationship.

I do not understand how these things happen. I do not feel that my love is one way, but she says it is. What do we do when love is unreturned?


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