The path that we take on our life is so delicately inter-tangled with those people in our lives that each of our decisions affects everyone in proximity to us emotionally.

Every movement we make must be calculated enough to forward our progress without both negatively and positively affecting those we love. How is it in our lives that we have come to depend on others so strongly for support, or is this something we have always done, simply the animal nature of caring spread across the social grid like thick butter?

As we continue down our path (whatever path we have chosen for ourselves) we are unable to bring along others. Though we may try to share this path we take with them they can only be here with us if this is also the path that they choose.

Sharing a path is not easy and the stumbling blocks are greater the longer one is on the path with another. In the east it is believed that all life is pain and that all pain is illusion. Pain is all things, all emotions, all ideas. Friction of any kind in the progress of the soul is pain, any form of stimulation at all. But then if all of this is illusion, and we create this illusion as a way of teaching ourselves about the now, then when will class be dismissed?


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