What has been on my mind as of late is the whole concept of “coupling.” Obviously this tendency is based on the social mating rituals of a given culture. But why is there a sense of attachment to specific people in your genetic and mating pools? With only 2 exceptions any person I would say that I “love” is either already related to me genetically or having sex with me regularly.

I can think of dozens of reasons why it would be better for a species to create a sense of physical attachment to others in proximity to there genetic code. But what draws us to those who are not already related to us? Are we seeking to modify our genetic pool through traits we somehow know we should have?

Is it possible that we are ultimately attracted to the things we do not possess as individuals?

We all want what we don’t have?

When we consider the outcome of a long period of social change that affects our mating instincts and habits it seems inevitable that man is being genetically affected by the media and the corporations that own, protect, and fund the media.

Men and woman (but women in particular) are being told constantly what to like and dislike about themselves, their mates, friends, eating habits, etc. – mostly through the conduit of entertainment. Your horoscope, gossip column, TV sitcom, anything in your environment is passively and aggressively telling you who you should be as a person.

When we choose the person to whom we will give our emotions, and often our genetic code, how much of what we like about them is taught and how much is something we have no control over? Are we destined to be attracted to specific things because we have been shaped by our environment to want those things, or is the freedom to give one’s emotions to another an illusion and our code (and its animated algorithm of linear evolution) will want simply what it wants?


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