return (travel – last day)

Well my week of west coast retreat is over. I leave tonight to fly back to Chicago. I have had some interesting revelations both inward and outward during this stay.

The screening of my films at New Nothing Cinema last night went well. The crowd was receptive to the work, even if they didn’t really understand what it was about. The pieces I showed (One of the Sigils of the Heptameron, YHVH, and the Tree of Knowledge/Tree of Life pieces) are difficult to sit through all at once. But the crowd stayed on until the end.

In Chicago, to get a group of 30+ people into a room to watch dense experimental film would be a miracle. (Unless the artist was in the Whitney or something and the local film students were assigned to watch by a professor) The west coast, specifically the Bay area, has a great feeling of community that is perfectly represented by New Nothing Cinema (Thanks to Doug for making it all happen).

I return this evening with a head full of new ideas, thoughts and experiences. Hopefully in the wake of this trip good things will come.


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