consumerist – travel (day one)

I sit in Randy Lee’s apartment in San Fran and think of the previous evenings events. I took a plane from Chicago to here yesterday morning and wandered around in downtown San Fran all day until Randy Lee got out of work. I am here on vacation and to show some films at the New Nothing Cinema and lecture on occult films.

As I meandered through the streets, most of the shops designer boutiques, some not so small, I happened upon an exhibition of works by Damian Hirst, and artist whose work I have been following since his early career. The pieces were a comment on the social use of chemicals (prescription drugs) and our almost religious dependence on them.

By far the strongest piece was “the Sacred Heart” though his use of barbed wire to encircle the heart in the place of a crowns of thorns is an icon that has been used far too often. The piece is a striking silver cast heart shaped lump embedded with razors and formaldehyde pins. It should have been on fire somehow though.

After Randy Lee got off work we wandered around a broader range of the city and I began to see that all cities in America are the same. Neighborhoods group themselves in genre defining terms. Upscale arty, all the clubs row, ethnic groups slowly being shoved aside by the common shopping experiences in relation to a given precinct of the city itself.

As man continues to mingle its genetic code at a rapid rate and our race becomes a homogeneous soup will our economic/taste/consumer tendencies define our lot as a people? Somehow I can see a feudal return to consumerism as the only defining term in our social structure. This division of people by a class of economics and taste (fashion, trends, etc) could well form the enclave arcologies that we exist in in the next 50 years.

Somehow man must struggle against the financial stranglehold that economics has over it’s future evolution. We must realize the importance of economics in determining our growth as a life-form and wrestle control of our growth from the algorithm of consumerism.

How do you want to spend your money today? Every dollar you have is a vote. When you spend money you decide who actually rules the world. Do it wisely, do it locally.


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