chemical dependence

What is chemical dependence? When we talk about the “need” that someone has for a chemical, be it a drug that is socially unacceptable or a prescription they must take in order to fit into society’s idea of normal, what are we really talking about?

Each day I consume food, which is made of very complex chemicals, many of which my body is incapable of producing and needs in order to survive. Some of these chemicals are not specifically necessary as they either do nothing to advance the growth and evolution of my body, or are already made in some form by my body.

Often people are incapable of producing a certain amount of a specific chemical they can not get in their diet (or they may produce too much of some chemical) and if this condition creates a psychological difference in that person our modern society says that this should be “corrected”.

I have to say from experience that no one wants to be depressed (or hear hallucinatory voices), but isn’t depression part of the range of emotions we are given in order to interpret our surroundings and process our environment in our path through life? Depression can be too much, and in some it can be overwhelming, but conditioning society to ignore pain in order to be more socially acceptable as an individual is ridiculous. Why is there only one correct view as to what (or who) a person is?

I say that we should let people be contradictory, exist with whatever form they are given, and let them use whatever chemical modifications they feel they need to consume to get through life.

Sugar is a drug, exercise is a drug (via the adrenaline and endorphin it releases), caffeine is a drug, meat is a drug. Everything you put on your skin, in your hair, that you eat, drink or consume otherwise is a chemical that is modifying you right now, while you sit and read this.


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