Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

It becomes more and more clear to me that the shape of reality is dictated by the collective conscious’ perception of what reality is via the force of our own will. The collective power of our individual minds shape the pattern of movement that matter takes on its evolution through time. The manifestation of lifeforce in the universe allows energy to control the shape of matter via a complex feedback of data, experience and sensitivity to changes in our environment.

What baffles me the most in the equation is the common lack of perception that this is happening. We live our lives mostly unaware of the control we exhort on the world around us. We believe we are being pushed along when in fact it is our actual minds exertion of will on the universe that is pulling time along.

Mankind has almost no knowledge or awareness of the complex system it belongs to (within the earth’s biosystem and in the infinite universe around us). What brief glimpses there are in the collective unconscious of man happen in the minds of artists and shamans, many of whom are ridiculed by the institutions that control our dogmatic belief systems.

You are in control. You dictate everything that happens around you, good or bad. You control the shape of every movement you take and thus how the fractal pattern of life evolves around you. Your will gives you power to do what though wilt – for good and for bad. Its time you accept it.


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