Sometimes I wish that there was a way out of the life I live. I wish that I could transcend the path I have chosen and instead move outside of the form I trace in the universe.

When I am expanded beyond the consciousness of my daily life I am aware of so much beauty in the complex form that life takes. But here, trapped in the body, my conscious mind manifests in I am without control. Only pushed along on the path that has been ordained by the shape of the universe.

How can I find the life that allows me to exist without the considerations of the body and travel into the beyond of human experience? Where is the path that leads me to super-conscious travel in the ocean of the universe?

Its not that the ability to move outward is lacking, its that the form of my daily life requires so much effort that I am distracted by the “now.” I must yield to the tasks that are required by the responsibilities of my life. Wife, daughter, projects of varying scope and magnitude.

I only hold on for the day in which I am truly freed of this oxbow around my mind and I can wander the pathways of dream in a state more awake than life itself.

until that day…


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