summer rain

Summer rains are like summer relationships. Tempestuous moments that break away to reveal a hidden order in the heavens.

Yesterday i watched as a flash rainstorm pounded Chicago, bringing it to a standstill. Roads were flooded, timid SUV drivers inching along hoping not to harm their gas for blood vanity machines. I watched as a city was made to stop by the power of rain and water.

Chicago acted like some third world city of shanty towns and pollution. If the rain had lasted much longer people were ready to start looting and rioting. No one had any idea how to deal with the situation (CTA bus drivers took it upon themselves to close Irving Park at Ravenswood and divert CUBs traffic into 2 neighborhoods of one ways streets and cul-de-sacs – inching the city closer to chaos than the rain itself) and I wondered to myself “Isn’t this the 21st century? Its just fucking water! Why is everyone out of their minds?”

But at some point the river of water found itself underground and the people went back to basements filled with slime and ruined furniture. Ikea will be busy this weekend I am sure.


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