sexual proclivities

Talking with a friend the other night I realized the impact that our sexual persuasion has on each of us everyday. How what we are attracted to and what thoughts and actions evoke arousal in our libido guide most of us through the territory we inhabit sexually.

Particularly in regards to things outside the norm, or fetishes, we learn from exposure to that sexual situation, from the co-mingling of pain with pleasure that any act can become a sexual act. Removing or wearing shoes, tasting specific forbidden items (foods, fluids, excrement), fantasizing about specific situations and creating situations of pure fantasy. Each of our sexual proclivities traces an overarching form that has evolved based on our shared sexual experiences with others.

This evolving sexual landscape of person to person experience is something that I find both beautiful and horrifying. If any part of my body can learn to become an input point for sexual pleasure (or pain/pleasure) then what value does sex have as a separate paradigm from reproduction? If I can reach orgasm from any form of stimulation I have tuned to be pleasurable then why does sex coincide with reproduction at all?

Perhaps through some shift over time in the evolution of man the orgasm and the structure of human sexual reproduction has become one experience when it naturally occurs as two? Maybe sexual pleasure and reproduction are only coincidentally occurring at the same point in our experiences?


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