In life there is what one would call propriety, the sense of how one should act around another even in an awkward situation. Keeping things civil is part of everyday life in the 21st century. Interoffice romances and who-gives-a-fuck-I-own-this-place bosses aside most of us move through life with what my friend Jacob so eloquently put as “tact”.

Why is it then that some people can not handle the uncomfortable situations of life without complaint? How is it that some of us concede to these inane individuals who through self imposed restrictions choose to live there lives with blinders on, never aware of what is really going on, only going into social situations that are “comfortable” and controlled.

As contrived as these people’s lives must be I wonder at the people who go out of their way to please these individuals. Make them grow up and face reality, I say. I myself know that some people do not like me, but I have learned to face them without care.

To you the reader who may find yourself in the presence of tangled and bitter social situations I give the advice of H.P Lovecraft:

“The world is indeed comic but the joke is on mankind.”


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