How do we learn what beauty is? From where does mankind’s sense of aesthetics come? How is it that we perceive certain elements of design, form, shape and color as pleasing more than others?

As I stare out across the river, the sun setting over the city around me, I can not help but think that the why of these phenomena comes from some basic need: some form of necessary desire planned into our survival.

Yet the image of the sun crossing the threshold of dusk into tomorrow seems almost universal, like the lines of a woman’s form (society and trend may dictate what is popular but the female body has always been in fashion) we will always be struck down in it’s presence.

Beyond the obvious need for reproduction why do certain elements strike us as profound, filling us with a universal sense of awe? What desires and fear may transcend the mind through these particular icons within the collective mind? It is these constants within every culture that we should worship, for like gods they hold sway over our souls.


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