intrusion or protection

Tomorrow night I will be performing a new guerilla media/performance piece (as yet untitled) at Art Chicago that may get me arrested. (At least this time for good reason)

This piece is about how we are as people naturally suspiscious of any kind of authoritive intrusion into our lives. The IRS, “homeland security”, police, etc are very seldom viewed in contemporary America as positive things in our daily environment. Only when we need their protection do we consider them as good. When they are pulling us over or knocking at our door they are simply a bother.

Why is it nessesary for mankind to create systems of control that it continually pushes against? How has it become nessesary that society is not capable of self governing, that only by strictness and rule will people behave in a manner that is not negative to the community?

Can we not as a species evolve to overcome the need we have to be told what to do, how to act and when to think? If we are not capable of change, if the aggression and ignorance that society continues to expound are not educated and meditated away then how much longer can we survive as a race?


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