perception of self

I wonder at the difference between how we perceive ourselves (the way we look, act, sound, etc) and how others perceive us. Someone who can feel so ugly to themselves can be absolutely beautiful in the eyes of another. A person who many would think of as gorgeous may think of themselves as unattractive. The disparity between our perception of self and our perception of others is astounding.

What confounds me about modern people, especially the female gender, is the lack of self esteem. So many women view themselves as less because they re not meeting some ideal set by a corporation or moral ethic dictated by religion.

How is it in this age of technology that we have become a slave to our desires? What has driven mankind to such an extreme that it continually refashions itself into whatever popular opinion demands?

I spend the major of my awake time finding beauty in the smallest and most precious things. The transient moments where each play of light finds new revelations about the how and why of our lives.

Somehow we as a society must begin to see ourselves as others actually see us. The viewpoint of the popular must be dictated not by the consumer machine but by the yearning of the self for expression and knowledge. Only when we can tell others how we truly feel will they respond with honesty and trust.


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