common experience

The approaching weekend is an opening of my work at Inspire Fine Art (Chicago). Getting ready for an exhibition is a strange and obscure thing. I never really feel that my work is finished, mostly I get bored playing with a particular piece and move on to the next one.

But these pieces, specifically the video installation “Transcendental Landscapes”, are so new in terms of content that I myself have not had time to fully explore the possibilities of their interaction. The colors and forms are as fresh to me as their maker as they will be to the viewer this Friday.

More and more of my work is about the human body’s interaction with the content and how the content is capable of modifying the participant’s perceptions of their environment. We are becoming a unit that is watching itself continually. Data storage, surveillance, blogs, every facet of human communication and exchange is being logged and recorded. We form a complex map of time as it occurred, slowly melding into one mind, one common experience.

If you are out this Friday night stop into Inspire and see what I am talking about.


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