As I prepare to journey back north to stand before a judge in the ridiculous state of Michigan I am considering the moments in my past when the world has fallen out from under me, leaving in the place of solid form a vague discomfort.

At each point in the journey I have lived so far that everything seemed against me, that the friction I had been feeling in my existence seemed so great as to bring me finally to a stop, I have found the gates open, the light pouring forth in a burst of inspiration.

Once, standing on a beach in Florida, having spent the whole night driving south from Savannah to see a club in Jacksonville before it was torn down (Einstein’s) I felt as if the world had no meaning, that the shape of life had no form (much had recently happened in my personal life). But standing there, staring out over a black Atlantic the sky spoke to me. The form of life came once more clearly into focus, and left me with the energy to continue, to live and learn.

I can only hope that this weekend will offer a similar lesson to guide me.


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