There is something I find strange about people’s ability to look you in the eye and lie to you. (The only thing more frustrating than being lied to is being accused of lying when you know you are telling the truth.) What absolutely baffles me is how someone can lie to you, be called on it, and continue to lie even though you both know it is a lie and that they will continue the charade even though you have asked them not to.

What is it in human nature that allows for lying? I once saw a dog bark at the window in order to distract the other dogs from their bowls during feeding time. As soon as the other dogs came over to bark too the first dog quickly went over and began to eat the other dog’s food. Is lying an innate trait in higher animals that is used for survival? How can lying ever support the growth of the whole?

The frustration that comes from knowing the truth and being told otherwise is an impossible thing to manage. It eats at the base of the soul, driving one to suspect all words, all actions, as mere lies.


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