I have never understood why some people are so constantly distracted by their immediate desires that they can never get their life together. Somehow the impulsive side of people can overwhelm individuals and keep them trapped in a state of drifting – never finding the thing they want, always meandering through their days looking for fun without the consequence involved in seeking that which they truely desire.

Finding what you want in life is never easy. It takes sacrifice and patience and knowing that you may fail at any step on the path but as long as you keep on the path you will achive more than you can imagine.

Distraction in my life is a good thing. I find myself obsessively seeking out my goals without thought for comfort or happiness. I tend to wear blinders when trying to achive a certain task or reach a certain mental state. And although I may linger at specific points on the path of my life, I am always moving forward, regardless of whether I want to or not, in the river of time that surrounds me.


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