Today I had a conversation with a 70 plus year old man who does not believe in giving flowers, for Valentine’s or any other occasion. I tried to convince him that he should get his wife some roses but he said “No, she understands.”

I myself buy flowers for people, though I think that they are silly (at best). But what is it that women like so much about getting flowers? Even beyond the commercialization of flowers, holidays, etc women have always (it seems) loved getting flowers. Shakespeare wrote of the power of flowers over women in several plays and over a dozen sonnets. Long before FTD and Hallmark flowers were a way of showing love and appreciation for a spouse or paramour.

But why?

Why do flowers mean so much to women? The smell, the color, even the texture of the petals remind us of a woman’s body, of the curves and the scents we associate with womanhood. There are even plants that make estrogen almost identical to a human female’s hormones.

Are flowering plants and women somehow organically linked?


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