lost to history

I am listening right now to one of the greatest jazz records of all time. It is a perfect window into an emerging scene right on the cusp of exploding across jazz history. But this is not a record you will have heard or be easily capable of finding. It was released for only a couple of years in the early1960’s and has never been reprinted.

The album is the Joe Daley Trio, Live in Newport 1963.

This record is something that blends the post bop nightclub jazz of the late 1950s perfectly with an avant garde approach to composition and improvising that wouldn’t become popular in Chicago for more than 5 years.

The record is framed in a live sounding environment that was artificially created in the studio. But beyond this weak studio framework lies an incredible album of historic importance, beautifully recorded but lost in the drift of history.

[mp3 versions of this album are found here:



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