After the most grueling illness I have ever had (and am still slightly affected by) I have come to wonder about the nature of illness and the purpose of medication.

Are we breeding new viruses through the use of vaccines? Does the flu shot make you stronger or the virus? Is it possible that we are moving toward a future in which without an annual shot anyone would suffer from the kind of flu outbreaks that happened in the early 20th century?

I had not been to the doctor for any reason for over 5 years until last week. After 2 weeks of the flu and 4 nights without sleep I finally went to the hospital, paid a great deal of money, and got perscribe some antibiotics (which I must say worked wonders).

But the whole thing struck me as wrong somehow. I feel as if we are responsible for these increasingly powerful flus that seem to be getting worse each year. Are we breeding our own germ warfare inside of ourselves?


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